Brave New Dungeon

Dragons in Joon

The victorious party emerges from the Kobold Caves, Chief Treakll tagged and bagged and flung over Wauksmaug‘s shoulder. Their journey back to Joon is haunted by the eerie feeling that someone is following them. Back at the hamlet the adventurer’s are greeted with a heroes welcome and treated to a feast that evening. Their gracious host Kern G’rennis and his wife, Veran, assist the party in revealing the magical properties behind some of the items they discovered in the caves. No one seems to know what the delicate and beautiful blue crystalline pendant that Ik’Troc the Rat Master had stashed in a pouch on his person seems to do, but they’re certain that it does something. . . Hastrubel dons the Executioner’s Bracers pulled from the War Priestess, Oc’Fern. Wauksmaug brings Chief Treakll’s Battered Hide Armor to the local blacksmith/armorer, Thomas Talmund, who applies a few tender loving tugs to the hide armor and is able to get a nice snug fit on the Goliath. Then, after a visit to the greedy herbalist, Jarri Damra, and the release of more than a handful of gold pieces, Quinn procures 3 potions: Potion of Resist Cold, Potion of Resist Lightning and a Potion of Healing. Kern G’rennis relents to his wife’s scoldings that he not accompany the party and he sees them off on their quest to slay the dragon, Skryt.

Once again on their journey the party is plagued with the feeling that they are somehow being followed, so finally they devise a plan to discover their stalker. Quinn conceals himself in a tree and waits until a small figure approaches cautiously and Quinn recognizes him as the War Mage, Fekbet, who had escaped their capture in the Kobold Caves. After a brief chase the party surrounds and subdues the pitiful mage. They glean from their captive that Skryt is perhaps a dragon though some in the party still have their doubts. They also learn that there are two entrances to the lair: a front facing cave (the one marked on their map) and a chimney escape the dragon uses to fly in and out of. After some lengthy internal debate over whether or not to kill the evil creature they decide to tie him up and return for him later. The party discovers the cave and after a bit of searching locate the second entrance. The party constructs a trap over the entrance hoping to cripple the dragon’s flight thus causing him to tumble back down into the cave if he should try to escape. And then . . . they enter the lair of the white wyrm.

Stepping into the cave the party is met with a wall of cold that surrounds them. A quick inspection reveals patches of ice on the ground and eerily lit crevices around the edges of the cave. The ceiling of the cave rises dramatically and light filters in where the party has rigged their makeshift trap- snowflakes silently drift down settling in the middle of the cave. The party presses forward, spread out so as not to be caught in a sudden blast of icy dragon breath. As Wauksmaug nears the pile of snow in the center of the cave, a reptilian eye opens and fixes its evil gaze on the barbarian goliath. The party springs into action, quickly unleashing a barrage of deadly attacks on the beast. When the dragon finally rises and blasts the party the damage has already weakened the wyrm. Not easily defeated though, Skryt attacks relentlessly and manages to do some damage to the party. But their attacks are strong and Skryt is quickly retreating to the recesses of the cave. Backed into a corner he falls to the brave adventurers, the day is won. The loot is shiny.


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