Brave New Dungeon

Kobold Meat Grinder

Kobolds Must Die

The party has no trouble locating the tracks of the Kobold thieves and follows them straight to their lair. The space outside the lair is strewn with all sorts of stuff snagged from the hard-working folk of Joon. The party, without hesitation, engage the draconic vermin and the ensuing carnage is laughable; Kobold bits and pieces now adorn the entrance to their lair. A bit more cautiously the party enter the lair and while unable to prevent a Kobold or two from slipping away (most likely to warn the others) they make quick work of the Kobolds foolish enough to engage the lusty heroes.

What further perils await our brave adventurers as they prod deeper into the Kobold demesne? Will the halls be bathed in Kobold blood or is there a draconic champion eagerly anticipating the bold arrival of our protagonists?


againfinitum againfinitum

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