Brave New Dungeon

Mama Said Knock You Out

Into the Mage Pit

The party’s string of successes leads them up a corridor barricaded by 4 undisciplined Kobold Pikers holding a line across the wide hallway. Hastrubel’s Spirit Ram prances and bleats in front of the bewildered kobolds until they break ranks and attack the poor beast. The party charges in and manages to do a bit of damage to both the pikers and to themselves before the secondary kobold ranks, the slingers, can begin their stone barrage. As the pikers begin to fall and the party rushes forth to engage the pitiful slingers a bolt of poison infused energy blazes forth from the darkness and strikes Wauksmaug square in the striking spot. The kobolds are re-invigorated as the Wild Mage flips a lever and both Wauksmaug and Marcus Ven drop ten feet into the pit that opens beneath their feet. Quinn, at the ready, secures a rope and lowers it to aid his comrades then renews his attack upon the kobolds. Hastrubel valiantly heals his party while progressing up the corridor, and the kobolds numbers dwindle. Angus, fighting off the intermittent deafness that plagues him, manages to dish up the non-lethal damage that ends the fight. The Wild Mage, possessing a few tricks up his sleeves and brandishing a Rod of Hope Triumphant, gives the party a good fight but in the end is subdued and taken prisoner. What next for the adventurers? Will their captive prove beneficial as they continue to explore the lair, or have they burdened themselves with a creature more treacherous than they can suspect?


againfinitum againfinitum

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