Brave New Dungeon

Return to Rydern

The heroes returned to Joon and recounted their battle with Skryt the young white Dragon from the North. Kern and Veran G’rennis helped the party identify the more exquisite items recovered from the dragon’s horde; and the sergeant-at-arms Bernie O’Peck recites the poem regarding the Lady Saara Ull in reference to the map the party finds:
Amid the ancient, weathered stones,
Below the phaerimm-haunted sky;
Above the tombs of lordly bones
From ancient lands and years gone by.
’Twas there, beneath the moonlit stair,
My future cast its shadow past
A white-robed dame with sable hair;
Transfixing stare that held me fast.
“Take heed, you seeker, bow your head,
For I am Lady Saara Ull.
I speak with living and with dead
And all your fates are mine to tell.

Other bits of loot collected in the Dragon’s lair include:
Floating Lantern
Freezing Arrows (24)
Frost Fury Battle Ax
Winter’s Grasp Totem
some non-magical weapons and armor and mo’ money. . .

The party is informed by Kern, that a message arrived from Captain Thanyne in Rydern that their assistance would be appreciated in a few matters that have cropped up in the town and to the south. Kern says he will accompany the group and the next morning they set off for Rydern.

Thanyne is happy to see the party and congratulates them on a successful dragon hunt. He informs them that the young girl, Beryl, has again gone missing and that a number of other children/orphans in the town have also disappeared. Thanyne introduces the party to a group of elves and a halfling named Bodie Burrows. One of the elves offers to help track and scout for the party if they’d like to go searching for the missing children. The halfling and the other elves are venturing south to look into some reports of strange happenings in one of the settlements and even stranger circumstances further south in a city populated by Gray Elves. After a very brief discussion, the party decides to grab some horses and set out that very moment to go after the children and their abductors. They are attacked that night by a seemingly random group of wolves and hobgoblins that offer little challenge to the dragon slaying band of adventurers. The next day, with the help of their lovely elvish scout, Rhanie Ildanryl, they discover a collection of three buildings erected near a small lake and apparently well-guarded and patrolled. What next?


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