Brave New Dungeon

The Rat King

Ik’Troc the Rat Master

The party heads north up a dark corridor, with the gagged and bound Kobold Mage slung over Wauksmaug’s shoulder, and wouldn’t you know it there are more Kobolds! A mob of minions swarm over the adventurers but are drowned under the blazing showers of light that erupt from Marcus Ven’s indomitable spirit. But what’s this. . . from behind- the mage has been loosed from his bindings and he resumes his attack on the party while a shadowy figure decimates Hastrubel’s bleating ram. The party begins to pull apart as they face foes ahead and behind. Then, after dispatching the initial group of minions and slingers the party quickly gives chase to their recent captive and the figure in the shadows.

With sneak attacks and magic orbs of blue frosty badness shooting in from the darkness the party is soon split into 4 different corridors giving chase to who knows what. As Quinn battles one of the Kobold Slyblades down a particularly dank and stinky cave he senses an evil presence just out of sight and the chittering, squeaking sounds of rats- lots of rats- stands his hair on end. Tossing his torch forward into the gloom and shouting to his comrades for support he slowly backs away as a humanoid form swarming with rats rises to his feet hissing cruel threats to whomever has disturbed its lair, Ik’Troc the Rat Master has been engaged.

The party converges on the dead-end corridor, determined to meet this evil foe with brutal force. Angus, recently recovered from his intermittent spells of deafness finds himself alone in a corridor with no light- blind. Another shadowy figure takes a stab at the hapless fighter, but retreats to the darkness and Angus races back to his compadres. It appears as if the rats are multiplying as the fight unfolds and hundreds of the vermin fill the area surrounding Ik’Troc. The party has its hands full just trying to get within range of their foe. Wauksmaug and Quinn continue to approach and strike the filthy kobold, while Marcus Ven and Hastrubel fire spells and heal their friends. Angus finally engages the enemy and Ik’Troc makes some final attempts to take down his attackers but the battle is lost. As he falls, the rats in fits of fury and confusion scatter down the halls and up the walls away from the weary party. Upon examining Ik’Troc it is noted that the cape draped across his back seems to have better resisted the claws and gnawing of the rat hordes that have rendered most everything on the rat master’s body useless. Also, buried deep in a pocket the party discovers a blue amulet attached to a silver chain.

Depleted from the lengthy encounter, the party discusses retreat from the cave in order to refresh themselves. While searching the bodies of the many kobolds around them, they come across a crudely drawn map that marks off a trail to something high in the mountains to the north of the cave, and written in Draconic, what reads like a love letter of praise to someone or something called Skryt:

Oh Merciful Skryt! Oh Powerful, Merciful Skryt!

Your servants only obey, only live to serve, Oh powerful, powerful Skryt!

We shall provide, let us gather all you may consume, let us give to the most powerful, most merciful Skyrt all we have and let the most powerful wisdom of the merciful Skyrt decide what shall become of your most humblest and most able servant, Thrik’min.

And if you want to eat the wicked Chief Treakll or that most abominable rat scavenging abomination Ik’Troc, that is ok too.

Oh Powerful Skryt, you are so powerful!


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