Brave New Dungeon

These Pipes Are Clean!

The fresh, young adventurers re-enter the dank, dark Kobold cave wide-eyed and unspoiled; they emerge bathed in the blood of the vanquished. The party has successfully cleared out the Kobold caves, although one particularly menacing Wild Mage escaped the ruthless and unrelenting slaughter of the trespassing adventurers. They head back to Joon, their sacks loaded down with the spoils of their victory; and the hapless Kobold Chieftan, Treakll, tagged and bagged, thrown over the Goliath Barbarian Wauksmaug’s shoulder.

Having returned to the caves after one night’s rest they find the Kobold’s aware but unprepared to stop the rampaging party as they make their way through the corridors and chambers shouting “Leave one of them alive!” but somehow forgetting to pull their punches at the last moment. After a brief chat with the blue-skinned Kobold Preistess, Oc’Fern, the wary party charges forward into the grasping, electrified pincers of her Stormclaw Scorpion pets. The War Priestess gives them a bit of a battle at first but once the scorpions are squashed she finds herself outnumbered and outmatched. But she still has one posthumous trick up her sleeve. . . Angus steps forward and smashes the lock off of a chest and crackling bolts of lightning rip through the room startling the party and singeing Angus a bit. They pull some gold, a dagger and two potions from the chest and give the Kobold a look-over. Stripping her of her scale armor, bracers, mace and holy symbol they head to the northern passages where Chief Treakll eagerly awaits their arrival.

The party charges through a large group of minions and slingers, Marcus Ven blasting and burning the villainous dragonkin with the light of his deity; the party then throws back the hanging skins that lead the way to Chief Treakll’s chamber. Bolstered by the bleating ram and Hastrubel‘s flood of healing energy, they charge into the room half of them caught in a barrage of oily firebombs that sear and char the group. Despite the phalanx of Dragonshields poised ready to meet the advancing players, and Chief Treakll’s bellowing and bravado, the party digs deep within their fighting spirits and unleashes a barrage of attacks that decimate the defenders in short order. With a sudden burst of motion, Quinn flies into action kicking and punching the Chieftan and his Dragonshield defenders dropping two of them and damaging the others severely. Once again the party proves their mettle by escaping what would, at first glance, seem to be a formidable challenge.


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