Brave New Dungeon

We Don't Need No Stinking Plan

Speak softly, and carry a big stick

After tracking the children and their abductors to a small abandoned mining encampment (3 buildings next to a lake) Quinn and Rhanie go on a reconnaissance mission to locate exactly where the children are and who is guarding them. Unfortunately the patrol’s guard dog hears Quinn and Rhanie, then shortly after they are spotted trying to leave the area. Rhanie distracts the pursuers and Quinn makes his way back to the party with no information on the children. The party then tries to sneak by the encampment to reconnect with Rhanie and once again are unable to evade detection. Not knowing the full strength of their enemy they engage with the guards and dogs as more men pour out of the buildings and advancing up the road.

The dogs were vicious, the patrol was disorganized, the archers shot and moved- then came the beserker and the pikemen! As the battle heated up the party thought to take cover in one of the buildings that had just emptied itself of its occupants (who now lay unconscious and bleeding out all over the battlefield). More men approached from the south, pushed onward by a well dressed loud mouth that directed their advance. As Quinn pulled out ahead of the rest of the adventurers he became the focus of the archers fire then was dropped by a well placed halberd to the head. The party sensing a possible defeat at the hands of the bandits piled into the empty building and took up defensive positions and barricaded the doors- just in time for the archers to light up their arrows and set the roof on fire. Wauksmaug, not one to sit back and wait for the fight to come to him, leaped out of the window and charged the enemy. Rhanie rained arrows down on the foes from a window and Marcus Ven began his own brand of fireworks show setting the bandits afire. Angus burst out the front door and engaged the largest foe he could find and Hastrubel did what he does best- a little bit of everything.

Quinn, re-invigorated, joined the fray, and the battle carried on as a rather nasty sounding gnome led a group of children out of the middle building and toward the boat on the lake. The bandits and their leader protected the flight of the children, who seemed almost oblivious to the mayhem that surrounded them. As the party picked off bandit after bandit, the leader made his way toward the lake and at the last moment ran across the water and jumped aboard the ship. In a final desperate attack, Rhanie sent an arrow through the crowd and struck their leader dead. The boat, children in tow, caught the swift current of the northern river and faded from view as the last of the bandits fell to the ground.


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