Executioner's Bracers

The blue cold steel glints menacingly, thirsting for blood.


Executioner’s Bracers Level 3 (680 gp)
Item Slot: Arms
Property: When you score a critical hit the attack deals 1d6 extra damage.


The Kobold High Priestess, Oc’Fern, found herself without a tribe when her blue-skinned brethren where ousted from their caves in the northern mountain region of Brosia. Most of her tribe were slaughtered many were captured and a handful fled from the humans and gnomes that stole their home. She wandered for a short time until she came across the tribe of white-skinned kobolds led by Chieftain Treakll, who took her in despite the protestations from the War mage, Fekbet. She is very attractive, for a kobold and the more prominent warriors of the tribe were soon fighting for her favor. Although she openly reviled her inferior brethren for their pale hued scales, she had no choice but to remain with the tribe until something more to her tastes came along.

The bracers are an icy blue metal etched with sharp emblems that evoke the deadly strike of a serpent’s fangs. Some of the markings are arcane symbols that would seem to trigger a more deadly effect for those who wore them and struck their enemies true.

Executioner's Bracers

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