The hamlet of Joon is located up the west river, across the lake from Rydern. Mostly populated by farmers, miners, lumberjacks, and fisherman, it is a frontier town and the inhabitants are a tough, wholesome lot. They know they are mostly on their own and would most likely have it no other way.

Population: 126


Sergeant-at-arms: Bernie O’Peck a tall, thin capable fisherman that is in charge of keeping the peace
Water Mill
Bennie’s in Joon general goods and trade store owned by Bennie Dupree
Granary/Brewery owned and operated by Durga Redinger, the dwarf and his wife Balmara
TalMund’s Blacksmith owned by Thomas Talmund
The Glorious Acorn, a Tavern owned by Belloc Ahmad
Adept: Galen Clos, the near-sighted cleric, offers a morning meditation and services on the holy days.

Notable Citizens:

Kern G’rennis
Jarri Damra


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