Rydern is a small town of roughly 750 people, a mix of Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, Half-elves and Halflings. The town is in the crook of Opal Lake and the Shiindar River. The river flows from Opal lake north to Talon Bay in the Northern Sea and flows out of the southern edge of the lake through the Hydraandar Forest to the south emptying into a vast marshland. There are three more smaller settlements all within 2 or 3 days travel from Rydern: Joon, across the lake and to the west in the foothills of the mountains; Pliny, up the river to the north; and Tern, down the river to the south.

Population 773


Town Hall, where the 5 person town council meet, chaired by Hormon Trannyth
Captain of the Guard: Gheran Thanyne who commands 7 full time soldiers and a militia of 39 citizens

The Fire Pit, a tavern located in the southeast section of Rydern, run by Oloroan “Olo” Droversin.
The Pelican Inn, a tavern/inn in the northern section near the docks owned by Bulwa Londerann, a large lady in a dirty apron with stringy hair and large moles on her face. She is not friendly, but makes good food.

The Blackened Buckler owned by Durga Teryeras with his son Barl who is perhaps a better smith
Cute, Sharp, Pointy Stick owned by Amandis Ahacic, a young dwarfish lass with a nice blonde beard


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